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Cookies Policy Cookies Policy

What cookies do for you

A cookie is a simple text file stored on your computer that recognises you when you return to a website. It may not be chocolatey and gooey, but it does some pretty sweet things for you.

• It tailors what you see on the website, filters out the things it knows you're not interested in and presents you with things that your shopping habits show that you like.
• It saves you time by remembering your details for a particular website, so you don't have to fill them in again, every time you shop.
• The information a cookie collects does not personally identify you. We always tell you when we are about to collect personal information and we always explain what we are going to do with it.
• Without cookies, you could be wading through loads of irrelevant products and offers, and we know you have much better things to do!

What cookies do for us

Cookies allow us to collect standard log information when someone visits our website. It helps us to improve our website by highlighting pages where customers linger and browse and those that don't hold peoples' attention.

• A cookie can track whether a visitor to our website has come from our online advertising or a marketing email we have sent them.
• It can then tell us which pages they visited and which they stayed on. Equally, it will also tell us which pages are not so successful.

We may also use technologies, such as our own cookies, to provide you with relevant online display advertising tailored to your interests. Our marketing partner, Conversant, assists us in managing these technologies. To opt out of our cookies used for this online advertising or to submit a data subject request specific to these technologies, click here

So, cookies are not that mysterious, after all. Here's a run-down of the cookies we use and what they do.

Our cookies

Cookie Purpose Potential Intrusiveness Expiry
Damart cookie Remembers the content of your basket as you shop. This cookie is essential to the operation of the website Low At the end of your browser session
AWIN AWIN is an affiliate network. Affiliates display advertising for companies and are rewarded with a comission payment when a user clicks on one of these links and places an order. This cookie allows us to track sales for AWIN and pay comissions accordingly Low 2 years
AB Tasty Allows us to test different variations of web pages and personlise content based on user behaviour. Low 13 months
Bing Allows us to track the effectiveness of our advertising on Bing & Yahoo search engines Low 13 months
Universal Analytics Allows us to record how many visitors we have to the website and what pages are visited so that we can constantly improve our website for you Low Does not expire
Doubleclick remarketing cookie Allows us to deliver relevant marketing messages on 3rd party websites and the Google content network following a visit to our website Low 30 days
Facebook Allows us to track the effectiveness of our marketing on the Facebook social media platform Low 2 years Allows the use of the "smart" size guides on product pages. Remembers certain information including height, weight, age and body shape. Also collects aggregated data showing how shoppers use fit recommendation tools Low 13 months
Email Cookie Allows us to track the effectiveness of our email marketing and ensure we're delivering the best offers to your inbox Low Does not expire
Sub2 cookie Sub2 use cookies to enhance the user experience with this site by delivering both personalised content and offers whilst ensuring you see the products most relevant to you. Any information collected is not shared with any other third parties. To learn more about these cookies, please click here. Low At the end of your browser session
Conversant ( We may share your personal information, including your name, address, email address, as well as a record of any transactions you conduct on our website or offline with us with a third-party advertising partner and its service providers in order to deliver to you banner advertisements and other advertising tailored to your interests when you visit certain websites. Our advertising partner will make the data we provide it pseudonymous (which means it contains information to identify you, for example via a code, but not your personal details). You will not receive any direct marketing by email, SMS or telephone from our advertising partner. You will only receive advertising from our marketing partner on websites you visit if you have first consented to the use of their cookies when first accessing the website. Low At the end of your browser session
Commanders Act (Commander1) Used to manage javascript tags and tracking pixels across the Damart website. Low 1 year
Session Cam Allows us to view session replays, advanced website heat maps, conversion funnels and form analytics to help us make our website more usable for you. Low At the end of your browser session
Twitter Allows us to track the effectiveness of our marketing on the Twitter social media platform Low At the end of your browser session

Cookies can be switched off

When your web browser is open, go to the ‘help' menu and select ‘settings' or ‘advanced settings'.

• You may need to scroll down to find the cookies section.
• When you do, you will be able to choose to block all or certain cookies or allow cookies.
• Some browsers can be set to notify you of any new cookies, but you will need to check if yours will do this.
• Browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies can be changed in the add-on's settings.
• Take a look at It's got some great advice on how to change the privacy settings on your computer.

Don't be too hasty, though...
If you disable cookies, we will be less able to personalise our website content for you and you will be unable to place an online order with us.

Top tip...
If you do leave cookies enabled, be sure to sign off when you finish if using a shared computer, so that the next user cannot access your information.

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