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A weeder can help make light work of gardening tasks, weeding tools can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but picking the right one can save yourself time and energy. Weeders are used to pull weeds deep from the roots and remove them from your garden. Our weeders have soft grips for extra comfort and easy mechanics to make removing pesky weeds swift and easy.


This hand tool is very versatile and useful with multiple purposes such as shaping or clearing soil, removing weeds and also harvesting. These can be for the more serious gardener in you but again finding the right one for you we think is important. Our range of Hoes have a adjustable lengths to make it easier on you for a more comfortable gardening experience, not only that but soft grips and square blades great for cutting in your garden.


A gardening implement used for loosening, lifting and turning soil. The design allows raking out stones, weeding and breaking down clods. With large metal handles for durability, soft grips for ultimate comfort and extendable lengths of the handles for your best gardning experience.


Primarily used for digging, Spades are the perfect tool for digging and cutting into soil - a mainstay for your garden shed. Great for the everyday gardening and handy for transplanting plants and soil. With a narrow tip of the blade and wide edge you can apply foot pressure to reach deeper in the soil. With an adjustable handle for your own comfort and soft grips.


The smallest garden tool we stock, this is great for precision digging in smaller spaces whether you are digging, applying or smoothing over soil and fertilizer. The Narrow blade of the Trowel makes it perfect for bedding plants. Our handy Trowel has a slimline metal blade making it easy for someone with green fingers to get their garden as desired.

By filling a plant pot with sand and adding a small amount of oil or WD40 into the sand to make it moist. Remove large clumps of dried mud from your tools with steek wool or brush- you can then push all your tools in and let them set through the winter. If your tools have wooden handles you can apply Linseed oil to the handles to keep them from cracking. When Spring comes around you can remove them from the mixture and wipe down blades with a coarse cloth until any debris has been removed and your tools are polished ready for use.


One thing that can damage your tools is exposing them to the elements so storage is key. By storing you tools in either a shed, garage or weatheproof storage unit then you will be able ensure longevity with your tools. Outdoor storage is harmful to tools with wooden handles as they can crack and break overtime. By storing them in a specific area you can reduce rust and mildew due to sufficient air circulation.


Cleaning after every use is key, when using tools in soil it can encourage rust and moisture on to the metal parts. Here are four easy steps to keep your tools clean all year round:

1.Rinse tools under warm water or soak them in water.
2. Remove any remaining soil with a cloth or wire brush. ( You can remove any sap by using turpentine on your metal parts)
3. If you have been working with plants that may have infected you can remove any disease by using bleach or an alcohol solution for 30 seconds.
4. Apply a slight oil treat to reduce risk of rusting, You can use WD40, Linseed Oil or a Silicone spray.
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